Ceres’ new ‘shareholder engagement guidance for climate risks’

Ceres YouTube Thumbnail

A few days ago, Ceres issued this press release announcing this new 5 pages of shareholder engagement guidance for climate matters. The guidance is free, but requires registration. [My dear friend Rhonda Brauer provided consulting services for it.]

For example, here is guidance about the availability of independent directors to engage with shareholders over climate issues:

Company boards should make one or more independent directors available to engage constructively with significant shareholders on climate change risks and opportunities that are financially material to the company.

Significance of a shareholder should be determined not only with respect to assets under management, but also by other factors, such as a shareholder’s recognized leadership in the climate space.

For an assessment of the materiality of climate-related issues, consideration may be given to the six “Environmental” issues listed for the company’s industry in the SASB Materiality Finder.