How to Handle Shareholder Engagement

Our guests – Prudential’s Peggy Foran, Uber’s Keir Gumbs, PJT Camberview’s Bob McCormick and Wachtell Lipton’s Sabastian Niles – explain the latest about shareholder engagement, including:

  1. How do you know who to engage with? For a meeting, who should attend? How should those that attend be briefed?
  2. How do you know which issues to engage on? When is okay to not engage? What circumstances?
  3. When is the best time to engage? How does “sunny day/peace time” engagement affect (improve) a company’s situation if it ever faces a contested situation / activist pressure / a crisis?
  4. Do engagements need to have outcomes? What do you see as the potential outcomes of engagement?
  5. What does engagement typically consist of? What types of communications? A deck? A one-pager?
  6. How does disclosure relate to engagement and vice versa? Do they support / improve / simplify / strengthen each other?
  7. Investors are under increasing pressure to be more transparent about their stewardship activities – does this risk creating friction with companies or undermining trust? How should companies navigate that potential that a major investor may be more public with their views about a company?
  8. Has working virtually changed the timing – or nature – of engagement at all?
  9. Can you discuss the differences between proxy season engagement and E&S engagement? How is “corporate purpose” weaving into engagements?
  10. What are the biggest mistakes / best practices you see made during engagement?

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