How sustainability can impact your mental health

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– ESG is a tough field. Being so close to a doomsday topic. So it’s inevitable that there’s a connection between environmental and mental wellness.
– Take steps to develop a strategy to ensure your mental wellness is top of mind.

Here’s a note from David Hopkins of Sustainable Brands:

The past year has forced our society to explore the notion of “environment” in more ways than one. For many, the environments in which we live, work, and spend the majority of our time converged into one. Mental health challenges, economic stressors, and threats to our physical and environmental health manifested, and as we look to the future it is critical to explore their intersectionality. By closely examining both sustainability and mental health, we can see the threads that tie them together.

As corporations ingrain sustainable practices into their supply chains, increase corporate social responsibility efforts and more they may be overlooking an element that weaves into these initiatives — mental health. To enact lasting and enduring change, the ecological, sustainable, and good business practices companies release have to have ties to their communities’ overall wellbeing, especially in regards to mental health.