AI value preservation and the paradox of AI


Here’s an excerpt from this note by Sean Lyons:

The recent increase in the proliferation of A.I. technology clearly presents extraordinary benefits, opportunities, challenges, and threats to the corporate world and to humankind in general. In business this can be viewed in terms of the potential for exceptional rewards accompanied by equally exceptional risks. The dynamic nature of these new A.I. related risks, threats, and hazards means that the digital age has become increasingly complicated and complex. In fact, advancements in A.I. technology and the recent Generative A.I. tsunami is leading to an exponential level of complexity which humankind is already struggling to fully comprehend. It may well be that there are limits to the level of complexity that humans can effectively manage and that at some point technological development will simply become too complex for humans.

Comment: Some might argue that this new digital age has already pushed our level of complexity beyond these thresholds essentially resulting in our blind trust in “Black Box” technologies. The reality is that we may already have arrived at the point where the logic, rationale, and practical effectiveness of human intervention in A.I. processes are questionable and may simply be regarded as convenient window dressing or political theatre.