The latest on ESG shareholder engagement

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Here’s an excerpt from this note by Rob Bauer about this panel video:

Check out the video on our panel on stewardship and engagement during the 2022 Oxford Sustainable Finance Summit (it is 90 minutes but well worth the listen). It was an interesting, fun and rich conversation with the panelists and the OSFS 2022 audience.

But it also shows that there are many questions to be discussed further, such as: How effective is shareholder engagement? Under which conditions is it more effective? What effectiveness are we targeting: single or double materiality (should we, and how to measure that properly)? Are there any conflicts of interests hampering effective engagement..? A great opportunity for the academic society. I thank the Chair Robert Eccles (Oxford University) and my fellow panel members Sandra Boss (Blackrock), Carine Smith Ihenacho (NBIM), and Anne Simpson (Franklin Templeton) for an engaged session on this important topic that needs continuous new “discovery” to make stewards more effective and transparent.