Shareholder proposal stats for the proxy season

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During last week’s webcast, Proxy Analytics’s Steve Pantina shared some stats about how shareholder proposals fared this proxy season. Courtesy of Steve, here is a 5-page deck with those stats. Some of the highlights include:

  • The number of shareholder proposals submitted rose very slightly from 959 in ’22 to 962 in ‘23
  • The number of E&S shareholder proposals voted rose to 333 in ’23 from 288 in ‘22
  • Average shareholder support for E&S shareholder proposals dropped to 19.9% in ’23 from 28.6% in ’22 (which is a 30% drop in a single year)
  • Majority-supported E&S shareholder proposals dropped from 41 in ’22 to 10 in ‘23
  • The number of anti-E&S shareholder proposals submitted rose from 55 in ’22 to 96 in ‘23