More “say-on-climate” votes coming?

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It looks like a number of groups are poised to submit shareholder proposals – or otherwise apply pressure on companies to put say-on-climate on their annual meeting ballot. This Linklaters note explains how a group of 53 global investors with $14 trillion in asset under management are calling on companies to do so (the group is called the “Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change” (IIGCC)).

And “As You Sow” has a “Say on Climate” initiative under which 75 companies received letters this past season – along with three shareholder proposals being filed. Next season, As You Sow plans to send hundreds of similar letters and file shareholder proposals at companies that don’t voluntarily place say-on-climate on the ballot.

Globally, more than 30 companies had say-on-climate on the ballot this year so far, either as a management proposal or a shareholder proposal…