Monthly “Climate Day” could help an awareness campaign?

Climate Day YouTube Thumbnail

– Maybe being forced to accept the truth for just 24 hours a month, every month, could be the way to finally peel back the curtain and reveal the truth.

Brad Zarnett uses this as his teaser for his article: “Deep down we know that something is very wrong. We can see that we’re not actually making progress, to the contrary, we’re falling further behind. Here’s an excerpt:

Imagine what could happen if once a month, for 24 hours, people from around the world; citizens, neighbours, communities, and perhaps most importantly, voters, sat with their doubts as to how our so-called “leaders” are dealing with climate change. How they’re not respecting the science. How they’ve rallied behind an environmental fiction called “2050 net zero” which is nothing more than a PR stunt to delay climate action and keep the environmental plundering system in place.

A monthly holiday to think about who’s steering this ship and for whose benefit. A day to combat the tidal wave of misinformation coming from the corporate owned media and their puppet politicians. A monthly holiday that is all about unfiltered scientific truth — where we step out from the illusion that has been pulled over our eyes.

A day where we come to terms with the fact that the capitalist system is fundamentally flawed — it offers no financial reward (has no business case) for reducing global ecosystem destruction and passing along a functioning planet to the next generation.