Limiting the focus of sustainability reporting only to climate is a terrible idea


Here is a note from Marie-Josée Privyk about this ISSB announcement:

What a terrible idea.

Reducing the focus of sustainability reporting only on climate (even if only for one year) is a terrible idea.

The reality is that a lot of companies do not have a significant carbon footprint*, and that sustainability is about soooo much more than climate change.

Companies should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, i.e., address climate and other material issues affecting their business, or that their business affects. The road is long, the changes are many, to reduce sustainability efforts to climate is a step backward, IMHO.

*Climate Action 100+ identified the 160 or so companies that combined account for more than 80% of all emissions. Compare that to the roughly 60,000 publicly listed companies around the world today, and the *millions* of private – largely small and medium – businesses.

What all companies should be asking themselves is: why are we producing this, how are we producing it, and is it the best use of limited resources serving the best interests of people everywhere.