InfluenceMap’s database of climate shareholder proposals

InfluenceMap YouTube Thumbnail

– InfluenceMap – along with its sister site – FinanceMap – is a huge database.
– One of the things it covers how shareholder proposals involving climate issues are faring, including “briefings” about specific companies.

Among other things, InfluenceMap contains a database trying to illustrate corporate influence over climate change policy, with analysis and rankings covering 300 companies and 150 industry associations globally.

It has a series of investor briefings on companies facing shareholder proposals in this area, which provide an overview of the companies’ direct and indirect corporate climate policy engagement activity, using data from InfluenceMap’s online database, to inform investor voting decisions. Here’s an example of one for Phillips 66.

The site also has industry reports and more. Here is an article in which one CEO has criticized one of the industry reports produced by InfluenceMap…

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