Human capital’s big role in the climate change effort

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Here’s some take-aways from this note by Marcus Wimmer about this KPMG & Eversheds Sutherland survey:

➢ About half of the individuals surveyed said their #companies have a clearly defined decarbonization plan in place – this suggests that the importance of the issue is recognized, while at the same time indicating a substantial #gap between #ambition and the #actions necessary to deliver on those #ambitions.

➢ executives largely recognize that the #corporate #response to climate change will inevitably impact all stakeholders: the workforce, investors, shareholders, customers, and the communities in which they live.

➢ Nearly two-thirds of respondents anticipate some adverse impact from corporate decarbonization efforts on employees – many of these believe employees can be retrained & upskilled, however there is also a significant minority for whom the reality is that some positions will become redundant in a low carbon environment.

➢ The survey also highlighted the importance of meaningful #engagement between employer & employee – when it comes to achieving net zero, employees are not fully utilized, incentivized or otherwise motivated at present.

➢ Bye and large, these #findings demonstrate that human capital plays an important and complex role in the decarbonization story for companies.