How investors changed their voting policies last proxy season

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– A bunch of statistics about how voting policies have changed ahead of next proxy season.
– The three most common areas of change were: diversity, ESG/SRI overview and climate change.

Check out the piece starting on page 5 of this March issue of “Proxy Monthly” from Insightia. It tracks the stats on how investors and proxy advisors have revised their voting policies during the last proxy season – and notes how nominating committees at companies are set to be held accountable for a lack of ESG progress. Of course, investors continue to adjust their policies and there’s been some movement since then – but these stats are useful heading into next year. Here is an excerpt:

Proxy Insight Online has processed updates for over 127 policies from 39 investors and proxy advisers worldwide for the 2021 proxy season. Across these policies, 1,236 changes were identified as material. This year, there is a notable shift in investor focus toward climate change and remuneration concerns, some in direct response to COVID-19. Social issues also featured extensively in this year’s policy updates, with diversity issues subject to the most policy changes for the third consecutive year.