How AI can be leveraged to assess the quality of transition plans


Here’s a note from David Carlin:

How AI can be leveraged to assess the quality and credibility of transition plans. A groundbreaking report and tool at the intersection of data science, finance, and climate commitments by WWF, University of Zurich, and Oxford Sustainable Finance Group!

By reviewing transition plans, the research team was able to identify a set of indicators focused on transition plan targets, governance, strategy, and tracking in order to evaluate their ambition, credibility, and feasibility. Plans with “red flags” can be identified by the tool using the methodology laid out in the report.

There are a growing number of use cases for this type of analysis. Here are some that are top of mind in my work, I’m eager to hear others you are thinking of:
1. Helping regulators to assess the quality of commitments made towards net-zero and identify greenwashing
2. Allowing investors to determine which firms are best positioned for the net-zero transition
3. Empowering civil society groups to call out commitments that lack ambition or tangible actions
4. Enabling internal leaders to consider the operational and structural changes required to actually reach their climate goals