Addressing climate is like playing chess. So we should learn the rules.

Chess Thumbnail

This article by Ryan Hagen is a good summary of the great piece from Project Drawdown’s Jonathan Foley entitled “We Need to “See the Whole Board” to Stop Climate Change.” The nutshell is we aren’t always looking at the whole range of solutions necessary to get the job done, or enough ways to scale them in time to make a difference.

Here’s an excerpt, identifying the 7 rules of the game:

  1. The board is bigger than you think, and includes more than fossil fuels.
  2. We need to rapidly reduce all sources of greenhouse gases, not just a few.
  3. We need to protect and maintain nature’s massive “sinks” of greenhouse gases.
  4. We should create new, long-term carbon sinks. But we need to be keenly aware of their limitations.
  5. We need to actively manage a broad portfolio of solutions. And we need to consider solutions that come from outside traditional climate thinking.
  6. We need to pursue multiple tactics to bring solutions to scale.
  7. See the whole board, and collaborate with others to play the game.