A review of “Making Climate Policy Work”

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Here’s the intro from this note by Harald Walkate:

Almost every time I’m in a conversation about climate change, and what investors or corporations can do about it, I find myself reaching out to my well-thumbed copy of “Making Climate Policy Work” by the academics Danny Cullenward and David Victor.

Last year I shared an extensive write-up on the book on LinkedIn but because I feel that the main messages should be standard knowledge for everyone working in ESG and sustainable finance, I’ve now condensed the 10 key take-aways into one of my 1-slide PowerPoint presentations – attached.

In this time where we are continuously overloaded with new information and analysis about how dire the climate change situation is – the latest IPCC report being the latest example – I keep hoping the analysts and report writers spend as much time talking about what *solutions* are needed, and how we as society might actually work towards them, as they do on telling us how bad the problem is.