What we do for you

Passionate about practical guidance? We are too!

You can learn about the top fears, issues, concerns & worries in our community. The ones that everyone is talking about. The hot topics. But you can also learn about the ones that no one talks about. The elephants in the room.

You get the practical guidance you deserve without the fuss. Our motto? Right to the point. Every time.

What do you get? You should enjoy these five practical resources:

  1. Broc’s Blog – Broc has been blogging daily since 2002, one of the first lawyers to blog. Broc’s blogging style is inviting. Judiciously worded, right to the point, interesting, with more than a touch of humanity.
  2. Vid-Guides – You can choose from hundreds of videos on-demand. Rarely longer than 15 minutes – many are less than 5 minutes - these videos cover what you really need to know in a wide variety of areas, from fairly-technical to not-so-technical-at-all.
  3. “The Five” Bulletin – This monthly online print publication is called “The Five” because you can cruise through the meaty stuff in just five minutes or so! The regular columns include: “10 Intriguing Things You Need to Know”; “Your Inside Baseball”; “Keen Observations”; and “The Random.”
  4. Z-Events – Perhaps the best benefit of all! Tap into any one of our numerous events without paying an exorbitant fee – everything is “pay-what-you-can.” Some of the Z-Events are “annual” events, like the “Proxy Season Spectacular,” “In-House Institute” and “E&S Disclosure Workshop.” Some of them are one-offs like the “Virtual Annual Meeting Workshop.”

All of our Z-Events are provided in a groundbreaking manner – we’re not forcefully stuffing an “in-person” event into a “virtual” format. You can trust Broc to make these events engaging, practical – and worth every minute.

Inner Circles – You can join an online community that caters to your interests. These communities are established on an ad hoc basis – so feel free to reach out to Broc if you have an idea for a new one!