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Broc Romanek is the Founder & Editor of ZippyPoint. Well, he’s the entire staff. But Broc does rely on a team of people for a host of tasks that keep this rocketship moving. So please pay-what-you-can (when you post all your content for free, you need to remind folks to donate). Broc can be reached through or via LinkedIn.

If Broc had to describe himself, the positive traits that characterize him best would be pragmatic, innovative, decisive, analytical & empathetic. Oh yes, and fun.

As for negative traits, it could be that he cares too much. I know that sounds self-serving, but that can lead to a lack of ability to adequately delegate. And a lack of ability to get sufficient sleep. There are other negative traits to dwell on – but as his wife can attest, he’s spent a lot of time ironing those out over the years. Anyway, who lists their deficiencies in a bio? Now for the more formal bio…

Broc also serves as Editor of, a mindfulness & wellness site on which he shares practice tips to make you feel good, as well as his own personal journey in these areas. He also serves as the Editor for, a site that covers “all things voice” in a simple, easy-to-read style – providing practical guidance about how you can leverage voice assistants, hearables, wearables & other voice devices to save time and make your life easier.

Until the end of 2019, Broc Romanek was Editor of,, and He also served as Editor for these print newsletters: Deal Lawyers and the Corporate Governance Advisor. He was Commissioner of’s “Blue Justice League” and curator of its “Deal Cube Museum.” Here’s one of the blogs that he ran for 17 years as part of that day job (he had six blogs altogether), Twitter handle and YouTube channel.

Broc also is an author of these Treatises: Romanek’s “Proxy Season Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide”; Romanek’s “In-House Essentials Treatise”; Morrison & Romanek’s “The Corporate Governance Treatise” and Lynn, Borges & Romanek’s “Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise.” He also is the author of the paperbacks: “Reg FD Tales,” “Section 16 Tales” and “101 Pro Tips – Career Advice for the Ages.”

Broc also served as producer & host of “Big Legal Minds,” a podcast series filled news & analysis for the corporate & securities law – and corporate governance – community, including interviews of the most interesting people in that community.

Broc is a four-time Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals and served on that Chapter’s board for 20 years. He is a former member of the Society’s National Board of Directors (having served two terms). He also is a Past Chair of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Corporate & Securities Law Committee and formerly served on the Advisory Council for the SEC Historical Society. He taught a class in corporate governance for the George Mason University Executive MBA program and a Securities Regulation course at George Mason Law School.

Before his time at, Broc was Founder and Editor of In addition, he has served as Assistant General Counsel at a Fortune 50 company, was in the Office of Chief Counsel of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, acted as Counselor to former SEC Commissioner Unger and was in private practice.

He frequently writes and speaks about corporate and securities law and he blogged for 17+ years on and (and he had five other blogs as well – not counting this one). He has a BBA from the University of Michigan and a JD from the University of Maryland. Broc is a certified hypnotist. That’s not a lie, he’s a certified hypnotist.