UK court finds government’s climate strategy unlawful

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Here’s a note from Kate Rogers about this article entitled “Historic High Court ruling finds UK government’s climate strategy ‘unlawful’”:

Those of us in the UK are melting in the uncharacteristic heatwave that our houses, transport, offices (and bodies) are not used to … or adapted for

– We’ve watched as climate change has been felt by other people in other parts of the world. But now it’s here.

– Is this what we need to really feel the impact, to imagine our future? Will this inspire greater urgency?

– It feels like we’ve been talking about climate change for so long and yes there have been lots of commitments… but have we taken enough action?

– The High Court doesn’t think so…. and this week has deemed the UK government net zero climate strategy as unlawful as it doesn’t contain enough detail on how emissions will actually be reduced. Congratulations to ClientEarth, Friends of the Earth and the Good Law Project for this result.

We agree that climate plans need to be specific, science-based with short, medium and long term targets and annual measurement and reporting. It’s what we’re doing for our own business and what we’re asking the companies in which we invest to do too. Looking forward to seeing the UK government plans….