Trying to prevent the collapse of the entire marine ecosystem

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Here’s a note from Dr. Howard Dryden about his paper co-authored by Diane Duncan:

Bring Back NATURE to save the Earth and give us a future.

Humanity has been systematically destroying terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems for the last 70 years since the chemical revolution and the invention of plastic and toxic-for-ever chemicals such as DDT. The very essence of humanity and life support system for the planet is intrinsically connected to nature, and most especially with all life unseen, below the surface of our oceans.

The science is now telling us that we are too late to prevent the total destruction of most life in the oceans by 2045, even if the world became carbon neutral tomorrow, we are still too late to prevent the loss of most marine life through ocean acidification.

The oceans are our greatest carbon bank with a potential to store most of the carbon generated from the burning of fossil fuels, but we have poisoned or killed more than 50% of all life, from the smallest bacterium to largest whale, and it is currently declining at a rate of 1% year on year. This is not sustainable, there is an endpoint, which we are fast approaching.

This report details the events that will occur and the actions that need to happen to prevent the collapse of the entire marine ecosystem and all of nature including humanity.