“Thresholds & allocations” embraced by the Impact Management Platform

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In this important article, Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm note this news:

BIG NEWS: today, standard setters – after two decades of increasingly dropping the ball on integrating sustainability thresholds & allocations at the core of sustainability reporting standards and guidelines – have finally picked up the ball; we welcome them all now running with it!

This development represents a HUGE step in the right direction for the future of sustainability reporting that warrants applause. The path is now paved for sustainability reporting standard setters to advance authentic, rigorous sustainability reporting in ways that reflect real-world impacts.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

At its launch today, the Impact Management Platform (IMP) unveiled a new website with a standalone page devoted to Thresholds and Allocations that explains just how to apply these necessary elements of sustainability measurement, management, and reporting. Thresholds & allocations — the key concepts first suggested in reporting frameworks in 2002 in the Sustainability Context Principle that calls for assessing “the performance of the organisation in the context of the limits and demands placed on economic, environmental, or social resources at a macro-level” — are also embedded throughout IMP’s “wheel” of actions organizations can take to measure, manage and report their sustainability impacts (especially when it comes to the “Assess Impact” stage). And last but certainly not least, thresholds & allocations are the primary focus of the excellent video animation on the About page of the IMP website.