Three things to know about the “ESG Professionals Network”

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So I’ve spent the last six months hungrily devouring news, perspectives and viewpoints from around the world about ESG, mostly consuming climate change and sustainability content. Got pretty depressed to be honest.

I’m not claiming to be an ESG expert. And I will never make that claim unless I go back to school and become a scientist. But I have drawn up 450 draft blogs based on what I’ve read, watched and listened to – and I will be sharing those soon enough on this site. Here are three things to know:

  1. What is the “ESG Professionals Network”?

It’s a free resource for those involved in ESG reporting or advising boards on ESG matters. Yep, it’s free.

  1. How is the ESG PN different than other ESG resources?

Why did I launch this thing? To help you with your information overload – and to provide content more tailored to your needs.

I found that most of the ESG content out there is fairly high level. Or not quite tailored for those involved in ESG reporting and board advisory work.

  1. What point of view will you share?

I’m pro-human. I’ll endeavor to show more than one side of an issue – and there often is more than one side. That’s one of the frustrating things in this area. The solutions aren’t clear cut.

Inevitably, there will be moralizing on occasion. If you’re in the ESG space, you shouldn’t be treating this as a compliance matter, striving to meet the expectations of regulators and stakeholders. We’re truly in a fight for our lives. You should be aware of that and act accordingly. Time to really act as gatekeepers.

As always, not an ESG expert…broc


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