Six short videos about the ISSB’s activities

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Here’s a note from Bob Eccles about six short videos about what the ISSB is doing now:

I’d like to thank my friend Sallie Pilot of Black Sun for the opportunity to exchange views about the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). She recorded our conversation and then created six short videos: (1) What conversations need to take place to drive sustainability progress? (3:46), (2) What are the main challenges with materiality and the steps that the ISSB is taking? (3:15), (3) Why is climate the first issue the ISSB are tackling? (2:16), (4) What can corporates do to support the success of the ISSB? (526), (5) How are corporates overcoming some of the challenges? (2:41), and (6) How far have we come in this debate on sustainability and why do we need standards? (2:02).