Should the C-suite attend ESG roadshows?

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This excerpt from this “IR Magazine” article got me thinking:

‘The head of sustainability or inclusion and diversity, company secretary or head of IR are all sufficient,’ Cathy Norbury, co-founder of InterAxS Global, tells IR Magazine, talking about corporate access for ESG-driven meetings. And because ‘ESG roadshows do not need to involve the C-suite, you’re not leaning on management for more time,’ adds Lucy Richardson, the corporate access firm’s other co-founder.

I’m not sure I agree with the notion that the C-suite shouldn’t be on an ESG roadshow. I would argue that genuine buy-in into baking climate into a business strategy includes the presence of the C-suite when its being discussed with institutional investors. In fact, if the C-suite isn’t running the ESG roadshow, that could be considered a red flag that there is some greenwashing going on. Let me know what you think…