Pay attention to psychology when making the climate change case

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– Persuasive argument depends more on psychology than the business case.
– So learning the art of nonviolent communication is important to win those battles.

Here’s a note from Alison Taylor, Executive Director of Ethical Systems:

My new article for Ethical Systems (Ok, it’s a bit of a rant!) argues that if we want all the buzz about sustainability, ESG and “purpose” to become a reality, we urgently need to start paying more attention to human psychology in how we make the case for change. Yes, ESG couldn’t be hotter, so there’s a real risk that if the market turns, the backlash will swallow all progress. If we tie ourselves to the “business case,” we sure won’t have a comeback.

But, you know what? Lecturing and nagging companies on an overwhelming, ever-expanding list of issues/frameworks/acronyms doesn’t work, either! Have we just been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? I think we have, and I know there are better ideas out there.

This is the start of a new project on how to use social psychology to support responsible business. Please read, and tell us your biggest challenges! We will be looking at how investors can influence companies on ESG issues, how companies can design governance for all stakeholders, and how to build more inclusive cultures. But first, let’s make a better case!