IPCC recognizes litigation as a climate tool

IPCC Litigation YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s a note from Adam Woodhall:

“For those looking for legal options to force more action… the IPCC report gives lawyers new evidence and new tools that they can use to advance the cause of a healthy atmosphere and livable planet.” Interesting piece from West Coast Environmental Law & Andrew Gage about the recent IPCC report recognising the power of climate litigation as a key tool in “accelerating commitment and follow through.”

The article goes on to observe: “The IPCC’s endorsement of climate litigation may help convince lawyers and judges, as well as investors, governments and the general public, that these lawsuits have an important role to play in addressing the climate crisis…

Governments and the fossil fuel industry rarely challenge IPCC evidence when it’s raised in court, because their own scientists are part of the IPCC, and they have direct input into the review process.”

This article goes gives a great explanation of how the IPCC works, their methods, details of their next report, and why these reports are so invaluable to climate litigation.