How to tell a credible ESG story

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– Using the three major reporting standards to determine what to report for your company
– How to develop infrastructure for investor-grade reporting

Here’s a write-up from our advisory board member, Ginny Fogg: As ESG reporting continues to evolve, it’s important to look to the future of incorporating ESG into your financial controls and using ESG analytics in strategic decision-making. This PwC article provides some practical advice on how to tell a credible ESG story. Check out the maturity scale graphic on page 2, which lays out the path to an ESG future and can help your company identify where it currently stands on the path.

The report discusses the three major reporting standards, how to use those standards and what to consider in developing infrastructure for investor-grade reporting. I found pages 9-12 particularly helpful in outlining specific steps to take and key considerations to develop investor-grade reporting for your ESG reporting. It’s never too early to begin developing strong internal controls over your ESG data and incorporating ESG into your existing financial reporting.