Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is it “pay-what-you-can”?

I believe in community. And some in the community can afford quality content –  some can’t. Simple as that. So if you can afford it, please consider us.

Recommended levels of contribution are listed on our "Pay-What-You-Can" page. But you can deviate from those recommended levels - any contribution is more than appreciated.

2. What if my organization can’t pay using PayPal? (note that you can pay by credit card or debit card using PayPal)

If PayPal isn't an option for you, no worries. Please email Broc – and we’ll find another arrangement that works for you.

3. Can I deduct my contribution to Zippy Point?

No, Zippy Point is not a charitable organization.

When you pay using PayPal, the landing page uses the term "donate" in a few spots - we're forced to use that PayPal template because that's the only one that PayPal has if a provider like us allows people to select their own level of payment. So your contribution to Zippy Point is not a  "donation" - it's a payment for services.

4. How can I be alerted when a new blog is posted?

By clicking "Get Updates" in the top right corner of the site and inputting your email address.

5. How can I be alerted when a new issue of the monthly newsletter -  "The Five" - is posted?

By clicking "Get Updates" in the top right corner of the site and inputting your email address. When you do that, you can select the level of frequency that you receive updates - daily, weekly or monthly. Any of these frequencies will result in you being alerted that a new issue of "The Five" has been posted.

6. Why is it called “Zippy Point”?

There are 5 reasons: it’s easy to spell; easy to remember; reflects our motto of “right to the point, every time”; has three syllables - and sounds “sing-songy.” See this brief Vid-Guide to learn more.

7. Can I earn CLE for watching the Vid-Guides on Zippy Point?

Unfortunately not. See this Vid-Guide that explains why.

8. Why are some of your videos crappier than others?

I'll be the first to admit that the first few dozen Vid-Guides I made are a tad boring - I was stiff. But luckily, I’ve improved my delivery over time. More enthusiasm. More energy.

I've found that making these Vid-Guides is different than public speaking (here are 12 tips on how to improve that skill). Sitting in a room by yourself, talking to your computer. And the good news is that I’ll keep improving as I put in my reps, my 10,000 hours.

9. What do you think of the videos?

I hate looking at the videos when I’m in them. It’s not the age spots. The wrinkles. The sheer baldness of the man. I’m fine with all that.

The part I can’t stand is the occasional mumbling. The tongue-twisting inability to articulate some days. Enunciate, dude, enunciate. But it really isn’t that bad.

10. How are you gonna make a living?

I know, right?

11. Who makes your videos?

I’m a one-man band. I do everything, including the video production, web master duties and all of the marketing (including the YouTube thumbnails and brochures for the Z-Events - that graphic design work is my favorite task). It’s more time-consuming than you would think. I'm happy to tell you more if you want to talk.