Climate science explained in an infographic

Infographic YouTube Thumbnail

Here’s a note from Christoph Baumann about this infographic:

The most comprehensive chart I have come across that explains the current scientific consensus on climate change. Or, as the author John Lang puts it: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 750,000 word IPCC report is logically worth 750 pictures.”

In the comments, Ravid Levy notes:

A great effort to simplify this huge issue into illustrations, and still quite complex to comprehend without a scientific background. In a way, it illustrates why it’s so complex to convey the climate change message and so easy to spread shallow, misleading and false doubts. The “marketing” of climate change to the global public (and its representatives in Gov’t) is a huge task and needs the best global PR brains. Unfortunately, nature is doing it for us with climate reality every day – a heat wave or flood are worth 10,000 words and illustrations