Climate-conscious companies who are lobbying for real change


Here’s news from Dylan Tanner, the Executive Director of

InfluenceMap’s new A-List of Climate Policy Leaders is out! These are global companies who are strategically calling for Paris-aligned climate regulations from governments. This does not mean just signing on to letters around Net-zero/Price on Carbon etc. These companies have given their lobbyists marching orders to prioritize climate change, in a positive and strategic way. As well as utilities and EV makers like Enel Group, Tesla, Iberdrola, Ørsted, Edison International, EDP whose biz models will directly benefit from a low carbon policy pathway, the list includes consumer names Unilever, Nestlé, IKEA, H&M, all companies with global supply chains and customer bases impacted by climate. See our full report to see potential A-Listers and why they are not there yet e.g. Apple, Microsoft.