Build-your-own ESG reports? An investor’s fantasy?

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– What is a build-your-own ESG report? Do you need one? Or is it nice to have?

Here’s a write-up from our advisory board member, Ginny Fogg: When it comes to ESG reports, one size might not fit all. Do you need a “build-your-own” report option? It’s not a “must have,” but it sure is a nice feature. PepsiCo’s report builder is a great example.

As sustainability programs continue to grow and encompass more and more topics, it becomes more likely that some of your shareholders will be particularly interested in only a couple of topics. A report builder feature gives shareholders the ability to create a customizable report that focuses on their hot topics for your company. They can just click on the topics they’re interested in and create a report that only includes those sections. And voila, now one size does fit all.