Boards ramp up sustainability experience

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Here’s a note from Waheed Hassan:

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about how boards are ramping up sustainability experience. While it may be true for Fortune 500 companies, a significant number of small to mid-cap public companies are in the initial stages of building their ESG infrastructure. For them, the questions are more fundamental – where do we start, how do we create an ESG reporting structure, who should be part of the ESG steering committee, where does the data reside, what KPIs to measure, and how to create effective disclosure and reporting? The proliferation of ESG data-collection tools do not make the process any easy, as clients now have to navigate the nuances of what makes each unique.

At ZMH Advisors we combine deep ESG domain expertise with the power of AI and Big Data to create customized solutions for clients. We believe every company has a unique ESG journey and, as such, should have a customized ESG strategy. Directors can only be effective if they have access to the right data and information.

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