All you wanted to know about carbon removal…

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In this piece, Wil Burns covers the top 10 stories from the past year in carbon removal. And here are 9 episodes from a podcast entitled “The Carbon Removal Show” by Tom Previte and Emily Swaddle. The episodes cover:

1. What’s next for carbon removal… and how can I help?
2. Perceptions: how do we think and talk about carbon?
3. Fundraising and finance: how do we scale up carbon removal?
4. Utilisation and marketplaces: how to reimagine carbon
5. DAC and storage: can we engineer our way out of this?
6. Biochar and BECCS: can we do more with plant power?
7. Soil: carbon sink and saviour?
8. Trees: should we just plant more?
9. The case for carbon removal