A shortage in ESG talent…

Talent Shortage YouTube Thumbnail

This article from “Insider” covers a wide range of issues, including the ESG talent shortage. The article includes clips from interviews with ESG professionals, some of whom talked anonymously to Jordan Locke.

Here’s an excerpt of recruiter Jordan Locke’s comments:

“This is probably tied more closely to the challenge of this build-out of ESG and this movement of sustainable finance, but particularly in the US, this is the most competitive market for candidates I’ve ever encountered in my time of recruitment.

I’m often working with candidates who are interviewing with upwards of three to four other opportunities at the same time they’re interviewing with mine. It’s just crazy how much opportunity is out there and how small the pool is when it comes to tenured candidates in this space.”

“There’s this huge amount of hype and this rapid pace of change, all these institutional asset managers are kind of setting the pace when it comes to hiring of sustainable- and ESG-related talent. The big challenge right now is this sort of intrinsic risk where there’s a lack of data and good taxonomy around data in this space.”