A graph illustrates how climate is impacting the entire globe right now

IPPC Graph YouTube Thumbnail

I’ve already blogged about the new IPCC report – but I probably can’t blog about it enough. We are at the beginning of the end, my friends. So time is short. Here’s a note from Florian Heeb that includes a graph from that report showing how climate is impacting every corner of the globe right now:

Climate Change is happening. Now, and here (and pretty much everywhere else). When I started to dive into the research on climate change some 15 years ago, things were already evident: Climate change is inevitable if we do not drastically change our course. However, climate change was not tangible, more a vague menace looming at the horizon. At that time, the fossil lobby still spent a lot of effort convincing the public that climate change has nothing to do with our CO2 emissions.

Things have changed since then. Only a few would still argue about whether climate change is real today. Still, we have not managed to change our course drastically. And we start to feel the consequences. It’s no longer a distant menace; climate change is happening here and now.

The recent Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC shows this impressively: In almost every corner of the world, we have convincing evidence that climate change has caused extreme heat, increased precipitation, or droughts. And this is just the beginning.