A good ESG primer for beginners

Beginners Primer YouTube Thumbnail

– For those new to ESG, a transcript of a panel with four professors is helpful.

This transcript of a roundtable with four professors does a great job of describing the basics of ESG – and even digs a little deeper. It’s an easy read because it’s conversational. The panel covers:

A. The Basics of ESG

  • Why do we need ESG Investing?
  • Why is ESG relevant now?
  • Academic evidence and estimation issues

B.   Does ESG work?

    • –      Exclusion lists and engagement
    • –      The impact on returns

C.   ESG in Practice

  • Is the push for ESG coming more from clients or asset managers?
  • The role of asset managers
  • ESG data
  • Do academics have a role in setting the standard on data?