68% of US leaders admit to “greenwashing”

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Here’s a note from Mike Barry about this article:

New survey from Google finds that 93% of business leaders said that they’d be willing to tie their compensation to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals, or already do so.

In a new survey of 1,491 executives across different industries around the world, CEOs and other C-suite leaders said that sustainability was a priority but….

58% also admitted that their companies were guilty of greenwashing; among leaders in the U.S., that figure rose to 68%.

65% said that while they wanted to make progress on sustainability efforts, they didn’t actually know how to do that.

Only 36% of executives said that their companies had measurement tools in place to track their sustainability efforts.

Only 17% of respondents said that they’re using data from measurement tools to optimize their sustainability strategies.

Another survey that’s a microcosm of how people feel (as business leaders, investors, consumers etc) about sustainability – they know they need to act; are willing to act; but don;t have the leadership, skills or tools to do so.